Why Choose Us

The effective, timely, professional and affordable management of your properties can mean the difference between happy loyal tenants and disgruntled occupants. Knowing that at the end of the phone, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, there is someone able to offer advice or to handle any possible issue gives both our landlords and their tenants peace of mind.

  • Our ‘Safe Hands’ Approach

    Relax; you’re in good hands with our property management team. We successfully manage over 300 properties and can help you to maximise the financial benefits you’ll see from your investment. To attract high quality tenants, you must offer a 24/7 service. We provide this to ensure your tenants get the quality of care they expect and deserve because, as we all know, happier tenants stay longer.

  • Legal Expertise

    To offer a complete service, we take care of contracts, tenancy issues and the day-to-day management of your property, and we have access to a 24 hour legal advice line should we need it. We offer our landlords a simple, stress-free property management experience that offers professionalism and peace of mind.

  • Confident Compliance

    The compliance minefield a landlord needs to walk when letting out their property is complex, which is why we offer both advice and assistance in gaining all of the certifications expected today. We have contractors who can be instructed to test for electrical and gas certifications as well as EPC and PAT testing, all essential in today’s rental market.

  • Access to 24/7 Maintenance Team

    If any problems arise on your managed properties, they’ll be addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently. Our maintenance team is always at the ready to assess a situation and make repairs to keep properties in tip-top shape throughout a tenancy as well as refreshing a property with a fresh coat of paint and any required maintenance before the next tenant moves in.

  • Professional Inspections and Inventories

    In line with best practice we inspect the properties we manage every six months, a service we include in all of our management packages. Following any inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report from a member of our property management team. All inventories are carried out by an in-house expert to ensure quality and accuracy, something that is essential to validate any claim you might have against damage that occurs during a tenancy.

  • Monthly Management Statement

    The cash flow for each property you have under our management will be detailed in a monthly statement. If it helps, we can bill you on a monthly basis for our management services rather than as a single up-front fee, and for your ease we’ll simply transfer the funds as part of our monthly tasks for you.

To discuss the management of your property or portfolio, give us a call today or pop into one of our Enfield branches.

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